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BTstim is the newest evolution of the "stereostim" device. Stereostim differs from Tens units and Muscle stimulators, in that this method of Trans-cutaneous (through the skin) nerve stimulation allows the user to define and create their own pattern files on their home computer, or download them from our community website,

 Socialstim for free. There are currently thousands of audio estim-files made to play on your BTstim.

Unlike other "made for erotic play estim devices" Btstim does not just modulate their signal generator with the amplitude of the signal. We give you the full envelope of the audio signal. This method allows you to feel exactly what the file's author intended. For over 10 years now this method has been in existence, but the limitation has been, that the box must be connected to the computer in order to use it. The new BTstim devices, allow operation without the computer. Your selected MP3 pattern files, can be copied to a USB stick (provided) and be played directly from the BTstim.

This innovation simplifies operation, and is as easy as playing your favorite music on an mp3 music player. We even supply a handy handheld infra-red remote control.

The BTstim is also equipped to allow online remote control with the FREE web application called Electron. Remote internet control requires the BTstim be connected to a computer, smartphone or tablet to operate. 

Our new models can connect using bluetooth, or a stereo audio cable plugged into the AUX input jack on front panel, and connected to the earphone jack of computer, tablet, or smartphone.



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Do not use if you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker, or other implanted medical device. 

Do not use on areas of broken, swollen, open, or irritated skin. Do not use in bath or shower, or if the device is damaged. 

Do not apply electrical contacts over the eyes, internally, or above the waistline. Read and follow all safety instructions. User assumes all liability.     


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