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Covid 19 has opperating slowly in preparing orders and shipping because of a number of factors. 1, shipping and availability of parts. I have had to make emergency purchases of badly need ed parts from more expensive local (in country) providers, this has slowed lead time from assembly to shipping, slower shipping, and  2,reduced workforce here at Btstim, Because of my cancer status, and constant nausea, compromised immune system, and high white counts from chemotherapy, Btstim is on complete lockdown,meaning my 2 part time employees are no longer here, and all construction, testing and shipping is falling on me without help. I am however continuing to process orders, and get boxes built and shipped, although a bit slower.  If you have currently placed orders with Btstim please know that I need you business, very much and I am currently working to see that everyone receives your order. Please try to understand and work with me, as I try to recover and and provide you with your device that I trust will bring many hours of enjoyment, as we all do our part to defeat covid 19.   Bigtip



For general inquiries, website issues, help placing an order, or any other concerns. please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Legal disclaimer

Items on this site are sold as Adult Novelty/Curiosities/Educational items only. Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical condition or disease. No medical claims warranted or implied by use of this product.

Do not use if you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker, or other implanted medical device. 

Do not use on areas of broken, swollen, open, or irritated skin. Do not use in bath or shower, or if the device is damaged. 

Do not apply electrical contacts over the eyes, internally, or above the waistline. Read and follow all safety instructions. User assumes all liability.     

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