BTstim Elite, is our newest 2 channel Stereostim with built in signal source and remote control. BTstim Elite, is an amazing device with a number of features not found in outer comercial units, like handheld remote control, bluetooth connectivity to computers, tablets, and smartphones. It will hold as many "pattern files" as your memory card or USB stick will allow, and the remote allows you to shuffle through them or select any file through direct keyboard entry. The unit has 2 level controls, which allow easy Electrode channel ballance. The unit can be controlled by computer, and will easily allow you to turn control over to other players over the internet, while in video chat for some really fun remote session play.

BTstim Elite

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  • BTstim Elite is one of our newest boxes featuring a built in signal source, the same saftey features as our other boxes and a handheld infra-red remote control.