The new BTstim mp3 remote is a must have for all estim devices which accept audio input. This cool new device allows you to have all the features of the new BTstim professional, or BTstim Elite power boxes, on your current stereostim, or other estim powerbox which accepts stereo audio input, like the 312b, 2b, and sensavox 140.

The device has a 3,5 output jack that you plug the audio cable from your stimbox into, and the new BTstim mp3 remote takes the place of your computer supplying the audio for your stimbox. It also provides bluetooth connectivity, to your computer, tablet or smartphone just like the newer models of BTstim. The BTstim mp3 remote, accepts USB sticks, and has a mini SDcard slot for your favorite estim pattern files. We even give you a handy infra-red handheld remote control.

BTstim mp3 Remote

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