Tri-phase Flexible Urethral Sound. this electrode is fitted with 3.5mm plugs, no triphase adapter or special cables needed. The conductive rubber covered glans ring and connected stainless steel urethral section, is the common electrode, the center section is the a or left channel and the tip is the b or right channel, depending how your device nomenclature is set up. All metal parts are non toxic stainless steel, not chrome plated, like some of the cheap Chinese toys. The tip is solid, and does not have a through-hole, so that the connections do not become fouled with bolily fluids getting inside. These electrodes have a feel all thier own and have to be experienced to believe.

Tri-phase Urethral electrode

  • Urethral sounds require sterilization, use autoclave, alcohol, and other disinfection methods prior to insertion.

    Anything inserted into the urethra is required to be sterilized first. Please wash throurly with antibacterial soap and use Protex or other suitible disinfectant and allow dry before insertion.

    Use only sterile lube like surgilube.